Small Grants: Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals (Small Grants)

The Arizona-New Mexico Chapter of the American Fisheries Society seeks to support creative work to benefit fish conservation through two or more small grants.  Proposed activities can benefit native or sportfish.  The total amount available for these grants is $2,000. 


  1. The project must benefit native or sportfish in the states of Arizona or New Mexico.
  2. Work resulting from these grants should be completed within two years.
  3. Grants do not pay Salary.
  4. Grants do not pay overhead to agencies or universities.
  5. Grants are awarded to individuals not to a larger entity.
  6. Projects that require NEPA and ESA approval must have this completed prior to applying.
  7. A summary report to the sitting AZ/NM AFS President will be required at the end of the project.

Application Instructions

Applicants should submit their proposals electronically to

The deadline for proposals will be January 6, 2022.  The proposal should be submitted as a single file (WORD or PDF) and contain the following sections in the order listed below:

  1. A cover sheet that includes: (a) the title of the proposed project, (b) the investigator name(s) and contact information, and (c) 1-2 sentences that describe the impact of the work.
  2. A brief narrative describing (a) goal and objective(s) of the proposed work, (b) how the work will be conducted, and (c) how it will benefit native or sport fish in Arizona or New Mexico.
  3. A project timeline consistent with the conditions outlined in the “Terms” section above.
  4. An itemized budget and brief budget narrative explaining the line items.


Proposals will be ranked by a committee with at least one representative from each state (Arizona and New Mexico) on the following categories:

  1. Application is complete and does not violate Terms described above.
  2. The goal, objective(s), and methodology are clearly articulated.
  3. The project represents a meaningful and valuable contribution to the conservation of native or sport fish
  4. The project has a high probability of success given the budget, other resources at hand, people/person involved and timeframe for project completion.